Sep 30, 2011

Tropicana by Matthew Williamson - or Vitaminize your day!

Fruitilicious 2012 ss-collection by my childhood flame Matthew Williamson. I remember how I was watching his always bright and full of color collections at about 12 years old age and dreaming of those dresses... hehe, little fashion victim.

And yes, this is definitely how I'd like to dress up next summer ;)

The dresses are.
Eat lots of fruits, girls and boys. They make your face, body and hair look healthier! 
FruitFotos - by LaModaMary.

Sep 19, 2011

Sweet paradise by Ralph Lauren

Cotton candy...marshmallow...lemon & mint sorbet...creamy dessert...
And also it's so 20s!!! Those little hats, masculine shapes, suits...
Oh and finally, - pastel shades... midi skirts... silk... feather boas...lots of white... airiness and tenderness. Could it get any greater?!
All at once. It's Ralph Lauren spring 2012 collection, that completely took my breathe away through its unearthly perfection! Check.

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