Nov 22, 2011

When fed up with luxury.

Don't you feel from time to time kinda fed up with Anna Dello Russo-ish style, all that lace, bright prints, studs, ruffles, embellishments, prints, oversized posh necklaces and shiny bags? I do feel, my dears, I do feel. And my best medicine is a totally clear, minimalistic yet very edgy collections. This time - Tibi (ss 2012) became my antistress (I'd say -antiGLAM ). I always used to love Tibi. But... guys, this time, this is something beyond perfection ! ! !
Clear lines, amazing (& my obsession!) pastel shades, a little bit masculine shapes, baggy chic pants, lots of clean white. And absolutely NO jewelry, no other accessorizes, no studs/crystals/leather/fringes etc.
It's like...a little peacful and beautiful corner in the midst of all that luxury and chic routine. These clothes are made for a self-confident girl that needs no jewelry or furs to prove her coolnes.

Enjoy this heavenly show. Simple, outstanding and caressing our glance.
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Nov 19, 2011

spicy-chic-so MISSONilicious

My childhood flame, my favorite italian fashion dynasty, my forever eye-catching pattern when entering any shop, my lifelong L-O-V-E - Missoni.
I am a really bad girl for not having posted on this spring rtw 2012 yet another outstanding collection sooner.
But in my case, that means nothing. I still love and respect this fashion house a bit more than other "oldy" ones (not meaning the younger designer generation).
This was such a charismatic collection, so spicy.. so italian/ mixed with spanish (see fans and skirts with volants). Not talking about the COLORS.
In short - it's super-impressive, chic and positive. MISSONilicious.

and my most favorite selection...when I die...
Adore fringes and earrings
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Nov 11, 2011

One more friend of mine among top-models ;)

She's skinny & super-tall, beautiful, doll-like. She has all the requirements of a modern perfect top-model. It was a great pleasure to talk to her. She was very cute.
See the short version of the interview in english at LMM.
And the russian version will be posted soon on Buro 24/7 .

Stay tuned,
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