Nov 22, 2011

When fed up with luxury.

Don't you feel from time to time kinda fed up with Anna Dello Russo-ish style, all that lace, bright prints, studs, ruffles, embellishments, prints, oversized posh necklaces and shiny bags? I do feel, my dears, I do feel. And my best medicine is a totally clear, minimalistic yet very edgy collections. This time - Tibi (ss 2012) became my antistress (I'd say -antiGLAM ). I always used to love Tibi. But... guys, this time, this is something beyond perfection ! ! !
Clear lines, amazing (& my obsession!) pastel shades, a little bit masculine shapes, baggy chic pants, lots of clean white. And absolutely NO jewelry, no other accessorizes, no studs/crystals/leather/fringes etc.
It's like...a little peacful and beautiful corner in the midst of all that luxury and chic routine. These clothes are made for a self-confident girl that needs no jewelry or furs to prove her coolnes.

Enjoy this heavenly show. Simple, outstanding and caressing our glance.
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  1. lovely collection!

    your newest follower Michelle

  2. wow the collection looks awesome. Very chic and understated sophistication. (

  3. Lovely pieces!
    You have a really nice blog, I'm following you on Bloglovin now!

    You can check out my blog if you like!
    Camilla, Scent of Fashion


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