Dec 17, 2011

Dreams DO come true, my dear friends! I met Alexa Chung - my forever british darling and my fashion-muse! Talked to her, told her about the blog and my work and took some photos with her. If you loved her before as I did and do, you'll love her even more alive. Alexa's incredible, and it's so hard to be Alexa, because she's so specific in her own way. She's not a Victoria Beckham or Anna dello Russo - I mean you can't simply copy the style to become Alexa! It's Alexa's face, her way of talking, her glance and her manners that makes her SO damn perfect. And I finally got the main reason of my admiration with this british lovely - she's c-o-m-p-l-e-t-e-l-y different, there's no 2nd Alexa! She's fresh, she's unique! Looove her.

Check more photos from the event here!!!
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  1. wauw amazing! i am so jealous! She is amazing


  2. Great post! I'm so jealous of you, I love Alexa!

    I'm now following your blog, follow back? :)

  3. i love alexa! her style is amazing

  4. Great outfit and your blog is very interesting


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