Oct 3, 2012

O, Barbara bonita

Barbara Martelo is my forever love, when it comes to personal style or a fashion-muse. I've been her devoted fan for many years.
I love her whole, from head to toe. This woman never wears make-up, has amazing hair, perfect skinny legs and ...style, that is so Barbara, so Martelo. I love that she's neither a huge fan of herself, nor those well PRed persons in fashion. It's obviously clear, that she is a good specialist, amazing stylist, and she doesn't need all those interviews or glamorous photoshoots (never heard her voice though!).
It's commonly known, that one loves a person's style if it's somehow similar to that of his/her. Of course, I see a lot of common preferences in style, when I explore Barbara's looks through internet: she is a huge fan of black, she loves heels and skinnies, she loves total black outfits and she rocks them like nobody does! She completes them with any bright detail like a red grunge leather jacket, leopard boots, leather details, etc. I adore her refined sense of simple, not overdone, yet stunning and very personal style.
If we are used to call this a "casual chic", then Barbara is a queen of casual chic, without any doubt.

The only woman, who inspires me this much and whom I tend to copy from time to time, is Barbara Martelo.



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